Administration of Incentives & Rebates

There are incentives and rebates that are available to go towards your complete project.


  • 179D
  • Bonus Depreciation

We work with your accounting team to provide the necessary documents to claim both of these valuable tax incentives. The federal tax deductions will go unrealized, unless your accounting department has the information to file with your returns. These incentives pay up to 50% of your tax bracket level to offset the costs of the project.

Utility Providers:

  • Incentives for the energy reduction project
    • New Builds
    • Retrofits
  • Different Power distributors have different programs

The incentives pay as much as 50% (in some cases more) of the cost of a project. We have to get the utility company involved before the project starts, and then at the end to evaluate that the project was installed as stated. This really helps a project lower the ROI. After the project is completed we have the utility company out to do a post-project inspection.

When you take both the Federal Tax incentives paired with the utility incentives available, the incentive can be up to 75% of the total project costs.